sinoma energy conservation and pakistan lci company signed the contract of 'soda ash production line supporting 8mw multi-凯发k8国际首页登录

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on november 22nd, sinoma-ec signed a contract with lci pakistan for '8 mw various biomass fuel power generation project for soda ash production line'. this is the cooperation between sinoma and lci after the signing of the general contract of cogeneration ep project in march this year. mr. liu xin, president of sinoma-ec and mr. abid ganatra, coo of lci pakistan signed the contract on behalf of both parties.

liu xin expressed his heartfelt thanks to lci for the trust and support it has been giving to sinoma-ec. he said sinoma-ec would take lci's demand as the guide, design carefully, give full play to the technical advantages and general contracting management advantages accumulated over the years, and make every effort to turn the project into a high-quality demonstration abid ganatra recalled the experience of cooperating with sinoma-ec for many years, and said that the signing marks the opening of a new chapter of the sincere cooperation between lci and sinoma-ec.


this cooperation will further strengthen sinoma-ec's influence in the field of chemical industry in pakistan, and is of great significance to sinoma-ec's further development of the pakistani market.


wang yi, general manager of engineering branch, fan ruimin, deputy general manager, and zhang navy, assistant director of domestic market department; umer mushtaq, vice general manager of operations, and hasaan iqbal, deputy general manager of lci attended the signing ceremony.