sinoma energy conservation and saudi arabia riyadh cement company signed general contract for 13mw orc waste heat power station supporting 2x5000t/d cement production line-凯发k8国际首页登录

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on the eve of the 28th united nations climate change conference held in the middle east on november 28, sinoma-ec and saudi riyadh cement company signed the general contract of 13 mw orc waste heat power plant for 2x5000 tons/day cement production line, which is the first cooperation between sinoma-ec and riyadh cement. meng qinglin, party secretary and chairman of sinoma-ec, and salah al rashed, chairman of saudi riyadh cement company, signed the contract on behalf of both parties.




meng qinglin sincerely thanked riyadh cement company for the trust and support given to sinoma-ec. he said sinoma-ec would give full play to its technical and general contracting management advantages accumulated over many years in the field of waste heat power generation, and do its best to make the project a benchmark project of waste heat power generation for cement production lines in saudi arabia and even the whole middle east.salah al rashed welcomed the visit of meng qinglin and his delegation. he pointed out that the signing of this contract is a clear example of riyadh cement company responding positively to the saudi government's 'green energy' policy and practicing the development concept of 'energy saving and environmental protection for the benefit of future generations', and it is also a symbol of the sincere cooperation between sinoma-ec and riyadh cement company. it is also the symbol of sincere cooperation between sinoma energy conservation and saudi riyadh cement company.



this project is the first waste heat power generation project adopting orc technology in saudi arabia, and it is also sinoma-ec's third waste heat power generation general contracting project for cement production line in saudi arabia after the two waste heat power generation general contracting projects for cement production line in najran and yanbu. after the completion of this project, it will become the largest waste heat power station with installed capacity using orc technology in the cement industry in the world, and is expected to form a demonstration effect in saudi arabia and the middle east, promoting sinoma-ec's market development in the middle east region, and adding to sinoma-ec's performance in the field of waste heat power generation of cement lines.

mr. wang yi, assistant president of sinoma-ec and general manager of sinoma-ec engineering branch, mr. zhang fei, vice minister of international marketing department, mr. liu geng, assistant minister, mr. wang qi, marketing manager, mr. geng xuduo, marketing supervisor and mr. han zaonan, members of the board of directors of riyadh cement company and its chief executive officer, shoeil al ayed, head of supply chain mr. yasser salman aljehani, head of project mr. zafar javaid chaudhry, head of the cement plant mr. majed al asmari, as well as representative of the consulting firm mr. bijoy boruah, etc., participated in the signing ceremony.