sinoma energy conservation invites you to the 135th china import and export commodities fair in canton-凯发k8国际首页登录

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  china import and export commodities fair, also known as canton fair, has been successfully held 134 times since its inception, is china's longest history, the largest scale, the most complete range of commodities, the largest number of buyers and the widest range of sources, the effect of the transaction is the best, the best letter of the comprehensive international trade event, known as china's first exhibition, china's barometer of foreign trade, the wind vane. the 135th canton fair will be held in guangzhou from april 15 to may 5, when sinoma energy conservation (wuhan) will interpret 'international quality, made by central enterprises', interpret many high-quality architectural decoration products in real life, and present the new achievements of the green development of calcium silicate board industry in an all-round way...more highlights for you to unlock! more highlights for you to unlock!




  sinoma energy conservation (wuhan) calcium silicate board series products will debut at the canton fair collectively for the first time, which is a new type of green building material integrating class a fireproof, environmental protection and anti-bacteria, heat preservation and energy saving. lightweight and high strength, moisture-proof and moth-proof, scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean, fast block installation as one of the new green building materials products, its superior performance is perfectly suited to hospitals, recreation, schools, hotels, villas, office buildings, residential apartments and other fire prevention, environmental protection and fast installation of the construction of the high requirements of the field.



  calcium silicate decorative panels produced by sinoma energy conservation (wuhan) uphold the 'three principles of green manufacturing' and reshape the natural aesthetics with green manufacturing. its texture and touch are true, and its color is diversified, with a variety of solid colors, wood grain, stone grain, cloth grain and other colors to make the interior decoration more stylish. product application using standardized, integrated, modular installation, through the quality of removable and reusable to help assembly decoration, leading the development of green building really 'green' into the whole life cycle of the building, so that the building and the environment are in harmony and unity.



  sinoma energy conservation (wuhan) always adheres to the market demand-oriented, adhering to the concept of 'creating value for customers', the exhibitors will be full of enthusiasm, professionalism, bilingual explanation and many domestic and foreign customers to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth business talks and technical exchanges, all kinds of high-quality calcium silicate board products and fast and convenient decorative decoration solutions to the overseas market, green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly product concepts to more countries and regions, the concept of green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products has been passed on to more countries and regions, creating a better world with materials.